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These types of roofs can be more costly than other options and require periodic maintenance like replacing the nail fasteners that hold each roofing block together. It is one of many reasons why you should think carefully about which type of material will best suit your home before making a final decision – not all materials last forever! If there’s rot found under the wood shakes, then these need to be replaced immediately if you want this problem to go away for good; otherwise just make sure to seal the cracks once per year so water doesn’t seep inside your house too quickly. are any tiles that have popped out of the mastic then you can easily replace them and seal it as needed. These are relatively easy fixes, but if there is a leak in your roof or water seeping into the walls from below (and no one has ruled out something like a burst pipe), then we would recommend hiring someone to get up on top of the roof for further investigation and possible repairs so they can ensure structural damage isn’t occurring.

These materials last about 25-50 years before needing replacement; this longevity depends largely on weather exposure – not all homes will experience rainy seasons every year, but some may see heavy snowfall, hail storms and tropical downpours. If you have a shake roof with an issue that requires repair or replacement, your contractor will suggest the best way to fix it; repairing shakes is not too difficult because they are made from wood slats which can be lifted up and then replaced over time.

Wooden shakes get a bad reputation among roofing contractors because they are more difficult to work with than other types of material – however, this is not always the case! There really isn’t much that can go wrong with wooden shakes; they just need regular maintenance and repair over time. What your contractor will do when there’s an issue at hand depends on what type of problem it is: if it has anything to do with the surface then you’ll be getting new wood slats laid down and nails hammered back into place; for issues deep inside where you cannot see them, like rot, you’ll want to have an engineer come out and assess the situation before any type of repair is done.


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