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Gutters are constructs responsible for moving water away from areas they are not wanted to where they can be used. Water channeled by gutters are useful only after a screen mesh has removed particles like leaves, twigs and debris from inside them in order to stop them from clogging up drainage pipes. Naturally gutters are found on the exterior walls of the roof and has a sloping pattern that prevents pooling of water at a place. There are some alternatives to gutters which include: Rain Chains, Rain Dispersal Systems, Grading and Drip Edge.

Gutters and downpipes are in such a way that they direct the flow of water to a point where it can be drained or stored in another container, possibly for later usage. When installing new gutters some consideration is given to the availability of space around the building to be worked on given that lack of sufficient space won’t be of any good! There are occasions where it would be easier for the contractor and cheaper for the client if everything is replaced as opposed to attempting to repair damaged parts.

Gutters are an essential part of roof drainage systems therefore we make it a priority to get you the best quality which will not rust or break over time like other materials.Gutters are made out of different materials like aluminum, copper or plastic and they primarily channel water away from the roof, reducing the risk of damage to any part of your house.

Gutters are always fixed on slanted or sloped areas of the roof to direct rainwater into downpipes to a completely safe disposal offsite.

A gutter system has gutters combined with flaps at their junction points called ‘terminal devices’ which stop the passage of debris and leaves into the drainpipe beneath them. Terminal devices block leaks in and around this section by holding them within its flap until the damage is fixed.

Gutter Installation

There are several types of gutter designs and constructs and they include:

Ribbed gutters

It has a number of vertical bars equally spaced apart

Straight gutters

They have a rectangular shape with depths of equal size on both sides.

Curved gutters

They are semi circular shaped, sloped as well but with one end having a more shallow slope which allows room for changing roof angles

Weeping gutters

These gutters give room for downward flow of water. They are also known as “A” frames.

Flat style gutters

They bear a resemblance to weeping gutters and are also known as A” frames. The difference is the absence of slope at both ends.

There are some factors to also consider when picking gutter designs:



Consider the aesthetics or attractiveness of the gutter, how it suits your roof and building.



Also look at the purchasing and installation costs, which is determined by the design.



Consider the wind resistance and water flow rate of the gutter before picking.

Professional Tip:

We suggest you install an automatic rain sensor on your gutters, which is a wonderful and modern way of ensuring it does not get clogged/blocked. This sensor is capable of detecting when it is about to rain and then opening a device that gushes water thereby cleaning your gutter, preventing your it from clogging.

Gutter Repairs

The normal procedure we follow when repairing gutters is to fix one side first before proceeding with repairing the other sides. There are a number of factors to look at when effecting gutter repair and replacement:


Check if the current location or position of the gutter in relation to the structure is not where it is supposed to be.


The current weather conditions of the area such as snow storms, heavy rains, ice accumulation, high winds etc.)


How long the gutters and downspouts have been in use.

Access to roof

Ease of the access to the roof from the ground level.

Degree of damage

The extent of seriousness of the damage (e.g., breaks or buckles).

Gutter Cleaning

Gutter cleaning is an act that needs to be carried out regularly. It prevents particles like leaves and other debris from blocking the gutters (a state that could lead to flooding). It is advised to get professionals like us to clean your gutters and down pipes on a regular (annual) basis – ensuring they don’t get clogged with debris which can cause flooding inside the building. We always use the right safety gear and equipment while we work because even though we enjoy what we do, we do not want to put ourselves at unnecessary risk.
While cleaning your gutters, we also inspect for damages like rust and wear on the metal parts of the gutter, then proceed to replacing them or installing a gutter cover to protect against future problems.


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