Roofing Insurance

If your home has had significant damages from natural disasters such as storms, hailstorms, etc., speak with an adjuster to see what benefits might be available that would not otherwise apply without this situation. This includes emergency living expenses or loss of use coverage which can cover costs incurred because these situations are not covered by your roofer’s insurance.

Roof Insurance Claims: Points to Note

  • Get a roof inspection report: A professional roof inspector will inspect your roof and provide you with an estimate on the cost of repairs that might require replacing shingles, repairing roofs etc. You’ll then have this information to take to your roof’s insurance company, who will then be able to assess whether the roof is worth repairing or replacing.
  • File a claim: Your roofing warranty should come with instructions for filing a roof damage claim and it may also include advice on how to get the best repair job possible. It might say that you need an estimate of roof damage before filing a roofing claim. The roof inspector should provide you with this estimate but if not, you can get an estimate from another roofer instead.
  • Communicate: If your building is insured, then the roof’s insurer will need to be contacted in order for them to take responsibility and manage the repair job or replacement of shingles. Be sure to mention that there is roof damage and you want the roofing company they use for roof repairs or roof replacement.
  • Inspect: It’s important not only to have a roofer come out and assess your roof, but also inspect all other areas of your home with water leaks in order to prevent them from getting worse. If the leak has already worsened, it could lead to mold growth which can be dangerous if left untreated long-term.


Tips: Filing roofing insurance claims

  • Before you file roofing insurance claims, make sure to gather all the required documents and information so that it will be smooth sailing. For example, take pictures of the roof damage to prove how much your house has been affected by this issue for documentation purposes.
  • If your roof is damaged or leaking due to a natural disaster like storms or hail storms then speak with an adjuster in order to assess if there could be any additional benefits available for those specific instances. This would include things such as emergency living expenses or loss of use coverage which can help cover costs incurred because of these events.
  • Fill out roofing claim forms accurately and submit them promptly! Remember that after submitting the form they may ask you questions or you may be asked to submit additional roofing damage documentation.
  • Don’t forget we have roofers available 24/hr for roof repairs UK wide! We are also happy to help with roof protection and preventative roof maintenance services

More Tips on the Subject of Roof Insurance

  • Always try to avoid storms by taking weather reports into account when roofing
  • Make sure that roofers carry insurance and have a current licence before hiring them for work on your roof. This is the best way to protect yourself from fraud or injury when working with contractors
  • If you are unsure about how much coverage this company offer, call up their customer service department and ask any questions you may have. You can also request quotes from different companies so that you know what kind of coverage will be suitable for your needs
  • Do not attempt to fix roof problems without calling in professionals first! Even if it looks like something minor, always get an inspection because there might be more serious damage lurking under the surface which could lead to bigger issues later down the line.


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